Sleeping Beauty

Professional tutus inspired by Sleeping Beauty classical ballet by Marius Petipa.
Theese handmade tutus are ideal for the interpretation of:
Aurora Variation, Lilac Fairy variation, Blue Bird/Princess Florine variation, Diamond Fairy variation, Fairies of Jewels Pas de trois.
We give you the possibility to customize your tutus choosing fabrics and colors of the bodice.
We manifacture all the tutu skirts with nine layers pinned both pointed or round following your specific request.

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  • Aurora Variation Tutu

    Aurora Variation Tutu

  • Bayadere Shadows Tutu

    Bayadere Shadows Tutu

  • Blue Bird Variation

    Blue Bird Variation

  • Candide Fairy Tutu

    Candide Fairy Tutu

  • Fairy Canary Variation

    Fairy Canary Variation

  • Fairy of Golden Wine

    Fairy of Golden Wine

  • Lilac Fairy Tutu

    Lilac Fairy Tutu

  • Spanish Doll Tutu

    Lilac Fairy Variation

  • Little Swan

    Little Swan

  • Spanish Doll Tutu

    Odette Variation

  • Princess Florine

    Princess Florine

  • Sugar Plum Fairy Tutu

    Sugar Plum Fairy Tutu

  • Swan Lake Tutu

    Swan Lake Tutu

  • Swan Variation Tutu

    Swan Variation Tutu

  • White Swan Tutu

    White Swan Tutu

  • Spanish Doll Tutu

    Aurora Variation

  • Princess Aurora Tutu

    Princess Aurora Tutu

  • White Aurora Tutu

    White Aurora Tutu