How to properly take body measurements

To ensure the measurements are correct, please follow these guidelines:

  • Don’t measure own body sizes by yourself: ask a seamstress, a friend or anyone familiar with taking measurements to do it for you.
  • Measure without wearing clothes(wear only the garments you would be using underneath your tutu or leotard).
  • Make sure the measuring tape follows your natural body shape.
  • Pay attention when filling in the required ‘product page’ selection boxes. All measurements should be indicated in centimetres (cm).
  • Skirt or Pants’ length: please fill only the boxes you are interested in (e.g. navel/calf)

Professionaltutu will not to be held responsible for any ill-fitting outfits or returns due to wrong size indications.

For a perfect fitting, please see the picture below to figure where the different body parts need to be measured:


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