Professional Tutus

Handmade high-quality professional tutus, designed and produced for: dance acts, auditions and classical ballet performances.
Professional tutus to stage and represent all main repertoire ballets revisited also in a modern key.
All items are accomplished employing sartorial techniques of the Italian tradition.
We only select high quality fabrics and complements for our productions, also paying close attention to the use of the most recent eco-sustainable fabrics.
Each tutu included in our catalogue will be tailor-made for each individual customer: indicate your sizes by entering details in the appropriate field on each product page.

You can also customize bodice and tutu skirts: in each product page you can choose between different fabrics and colours.
Using the “contact us” button you can also request to embellish each bodice and tutulette with additions of trimmings, satin and lace.

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  • Arabian Dance Costume

    Arabian Dance Costume

  • Arabian Dance Variation

    Arabian Dance Variation

  • Bayadere Odalisque Variation

    Bayadere Odalisque Variation

  • Bayadere Shadows

    Bayadere Shadows

  • Bayadère Variation

    Bayadère Variation

  • Spanish Doll Tutu

    Black Swan Variation

  • Blue Bird Variation

    Blue Bird Variation

  • Canary Fairy Variation

    Canary Fairy Variation

  • Candide Fairy Tutu

    Candide Fairy Tutu

  • Coppelia Tutu Variation

    Coppelia Tutu Variation

  • Coppelia's Friend Dress

    Coppelia’s Friend Dress

  • Corsair Odalisque Tutu

    Corsair Odalisque Tutu

  • Corsair tutu

    Corsair tutu

  • Corsair Variation Tutu

    Corsair Variation Tutu

  • CorsaireThird Odalisque Variation

    CorsaireThird Odalisque Variation

  • Cupid Variation

    Cupid Variation

  • Daughter of the Pharaoh Tutu

    Daughter of the Pharaoh Tutu

  • Fairy of Golden Wine

    Fairy of Golden Wine

  • Fille Mal Gardée Variation

    Fille Mal Gardée Variation

  • Flames Of Paris

    Flames Of Paris