La Sylphide

Professional ballet costumes inspired by La Sylphide classical ballet by Filippo Taglioni.
Theese handmade ballet costumes are ideal for the interpretation of: Prelude, pas de deux, La Sylphide variation and pas de trois.
We give you the possibility to customize your costumes choosing fabrics and colors of the bodice.
Besides you can embellish costumes bodice and skirt asking us to apply trimmings, satin and lace.

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  • Effie Costume

    Effie Costume

  • Emeralds Dress

    Emeralds Dress

  • Spanish Doll Tutu

    Emeralds Variation

  • Excelsior Costume

    Excelsior Costume

  • Spanish Doll Tutu

    Flower Waltz

  • Girl with Lilies

    Girl with Lilies

  • Juliet Dress

    Juliet Dress

  • Spanish Doll Tutu

    Lise Variation

  • Myrtha Variation

    Myrtha Variation

  • Snowflakes Costume

    Snowflakes Costume

  • Sylphide Costume

    Sylphide Costume